05 January 2010

NJ Marriage Equality Vote

As NYC blogger Joe Jervis writes, "At least, as in New York, we'll learn where to aim our efforts for the 2010 election."  I couldn't agree more.  A failure to pass marriage equality at the 11th hour of Governor Corzine's lame duck period would be a disappointment, we must prepare for that possibility now.  Maine and New York have demonstrated that there are just enough Democrats who are either spineless poll watchers or simply think that they are better than their queer constituents and can not be relied upon to pass marriage equality.  When I attended the NYC marriage equality rally only two days after the NY Senate voted down the rights of the people who helped to elect them, there were already speech makers throwing their hat in the ring for Senate races.  If marriage equality dies in the Senate at midnight on Thursday, organizing begins at 12:01, not eight in the morning on Friday.  In every city and state of this nation, we must make it clear that when our leaders fail us, they will be swiftly replaced.

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