15 February 2009

@weeklyblogpost - Muse

I am inspired by artists who surprise us by leaving their messages of hope, beauty, frustration and anguish all around the city for me to find.
Sometimes they exist in communities like The Tiberino Museum in Powelton Village.

Other times they reclaim an area of urban decay.

Artists embolden me to speak my own truth, and to do so from a place of unconditional love.

Most amazing of all, when I need a kick in the ass they can sense it and they chalk my office building.


  1. You have so many others that I think are breathtaking. Do you think you'll post more?

  2. Yes! In fact, I have five pictures about the same theme, each of which are going to be posted with a haiku Monday through Friday this week. My goal is to have M-F photoblogs every week with a weekly theme and each will either have a caption, a haiku, a rant, a poem, etc. The theme of the pictures and the style of the written response will carry through the week and change each week. Hope you enjoy! If you know any pictures of mine in particular that you'd like me to share, feel free to email me and I'll put them up.

    Much love!

  3. I work right by that first photo and it always brightens m day and makes me think about people, and how there are good ones if you look around you.

    <3 gabs.