16 February 2009

Young Urban Cyclist - 1 of 5

This post draws on some inspiration from @weeklyblogpost when I originally thought I was going to do my "Transit" post on my new bike. I thought some pictures would be appropriate, snapped away on my iPhone, and then wrote something completely different. However, I still really liked some of the shots (minus the graininess of some, but hey, when you can't afford a fancy new Cannon D whatever at the moment, you make do, yeah?) so I decided to use them in subsequent blogs.

Where the big inspiration *really* came in was via @k8iedid and her photo blog "Better Off Soaked." What can be better than discovering a great new photo blog you ask? Well friends, I will tell you what. I actually got to see the photographs presented by the artist her self at a First Person Arts Salon and hear her talk about her blog and how it got started. (Incidentally, FPA also tweets: @FirstPersonArts) What really captivated me was her thoughts on the broken umbrellas that she sees and what stories they tell her. Some of the photogrpahy on the blog is simply captioned, some has haiku, and one favorite even has a gossip columnesque "spotted" write up about accompanying it.

Seeing as I so happened to have five pictures and five days of the week where I would be working and taking classes, I decided this would be a great opportunity to cheat my blog, as it were, and get a number of posts ready on the weekend that I could share throughout the week. Moving forward, I will choose a photo theme for the week as well as the style in which I respond to them. That should definitely be an interesting exercise in a variety of writing styles. Feel free to suggest photos and writing styles you would like to see as I'm open to reader participation. Without further ado, I give you Young Urban Cyclist, Part 1:

a good bike is your
urban liberation but
watch out for the cabs 

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