28 December 2009

This Week in Fabulosity - It's all About Our Lady J

Perhaps at some point later this week when I've snagged photos from friends and family and I'm ready to parse out what about the holidays and what was emotionally traumatic, I'll review the whole week.  For just now I'd like to make this post all about our trip to Manhattan yesterday.  My Christmas Saturnalia gift to Sarcastabitch was a trip up to Joe's Pub in to see Our Lady J, our very favorite transsexual Gospel singer.

I love Joe's Pub, and have seen Justin Bond perform there several times in the recent past.  In fact, it was via Mx Bond's Twitter feed that I first heard of Our Lady J, and she was Justin's pianist when I saw hir perform on Halloween.  (Twelve year old aside - teehe, I said "pianist!")  Having downloaded her EP "Our Lady J:  Live from the Zipper Factory," and loving her original songs, I was really excited to see her perform again.  She performed songs from that EP, her new single "Pink Prada Purse,"  and other new original songs, as well as covers ranging from Dolly Parton's "The Grass is Blue" to Nine Inch Nails "Hurt."

While her singing and songwriting are enough to claim great talent and dedication to her craft on their own , Lady J is also a wonderfully accomplished pianist.  Between gospel sets and Dolly covers she started into a classical piece asking "anybody in the audience know who that is? Anybody? It's Chopin!"  She continued playing, sharing the deligthful yet morbid story of the expatriated  Chopin willing that his heart be cut out upon his death and taken from France to be buried in his homeland in Poland.  Weaving this and family stories with her thunderous gospel crescendos on the piano and great vocals, she is an act not to be missed.  If you are in the NYC area next Monday, I highly recommend seeing her third annual "Gospel of Dolly."  Her passion and performance do Ms. Parton great justice.  Tickets availible here.

Yours in fabulosity,

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